Board and Staff

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Maggie Sacher, Board President/Secretary

Matt Williamson, Vice President (Grand Canyon Trust Kane/2 mile mgr)

Maryanne Christie, Executive Committee (Navajo traditional artist)

Denis Duman, Treasurer (retired, ADOT)

Charles Goodrich, Science & Research Coordinator (retired Ford Co)

Cady Soukup, IT Coordinator (Tech advisor, Mindwrap)

Mike Coffey, Owner B&B Emily Matyas, Professional writer/photographer
Jeff Frey, Writer Allen Tippetts, Professional photographer
Karen Greig, Engineering librarian Susie McLaurine, CPA
Mark Klett, professor ASU Margaret Rogers, Community Center Mgr, Page, AZ

Advisory Board

Gevern Begay – Bodaway/Gap, Navajo Nation Elected Representative

Pam Foti – Professor Environmental Dept., NAU

Diana Hawkes – BLM Liaison/archeologist

Kate Rakoci – Business Planner

Anne Neyraud – France resident

Angelita Bulletts – BLM Phoenix District Manager

Lena Fowler – District Supervisor Coconino County

Wendy Hodges – Phd researcher Desert Botanical Gardens

Robert Sacher – Phd vegetation researcher

Carl Taylor – District Supervisor Coconino County

Scott Jones – Conservation Land Regional Manager

Donna Moss – RN /Medical Personnel for events

Chris Parish – Peregrine Fund Condor project lead Biologist

Ron Seig – District 5 Manager AZ Game & Fish

Kevin Wright – BLM VC Monument manager

William Bercu – Phd Education/ASU