Landscape Photography 101 Part 3 – Learn from a pro

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Backing up your images Managing your images is can become a full-time occupation, if you don’t have a workable plan.  In the last segment, we discussed basics on moving your images from your camera to your permanent storage, most likely a pc or Mac computer.  In this installment, let’s move on to some basic steps to take in order to make sure you never lose those images, and that you can find them again 3 years later. First, having just one copy of your images located on a computer hard-drive is a recipe for disaster.   In just the past 12 years that I have been shooting...

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Landscape Photography 101 part 2. Learn from a pro.

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In the last installment we talked about resolution and I promised that I would move into a discussion of “workflow” in part 2, so here we go. If you are serious about your work, as I hope you would be, it is important to get in the habit of performing a series of steps or a workflow that will keep your work consistent, your gear performing to its best, and your images up to your best standards. It is much easier to develop good habits than to break bad ones, as I can attest to.

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Spectacular Photography 101

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Landscape Photography 101 Allen Tippetts – Midvale, Utah www.catgraphics.biz   Several years ago I attended a seminar in Salt Lake City sponsored by the Smugmug web hosting company. It was a very informal gathering of photographers who use Smugmug to host their websites, and when introductions were made, I was the only landscape photographer in attendance. All of the other photographers were wedding photographers. Other than the fact that we both use cameras, record moments in time, and use the Smugmug webhosting service, we had very little in common. The host of the gathering even...

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Isn’t it ironic….

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Hello Friends, Isn’t it ironic that on Earth Day, the one day of the year dedicated to celebrating all that our earth does for us and so generously gives us every day of the year that Deseret News out of Utah would publish yet another attack on our public lands form UT Rep. Rob Bishop. Does the editor and Rob Bishop not look out their window? Do they not see the beauty of the protected lands that is available today because for many years we as a public have asked for protection of our treasured places and congress and our Presidents have heard our voices? If the loudest voice in the...

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A Founder shares her story

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A story from one of our Founding Members, thanks Kate! Wow! What a wonderful day I had hiking today.  I started out with just a small exploratory hike in mind, and ended up on a wonderful adventure.  While hiking along the old mining roads that run throughout the Vermilion Cliffs I crossed over a little dry creek bed framed by two large sentinel stones.  “I wonder where that leads” was the thought passing through my mind.  Well I had time and plenty of water so I decided to check it out.  I headed up the trailing, following the footprints of a sheep or deer that must also...

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