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Bruce Babbitt2_0Bruce Babbitt is a hero of mine. His vision of the world has inspired me. What would it take to  inspire a middle-aged business owner, with too much on her plate, to pick up a shovel and pick, a  pen and pencil, a camera and computer, and go to work? It was the vision of a country where we choose to preserve our natural landscapes for the beauty and wonders they offer the world. The land’s beauty is found in the birds, plants and animals that call our unique landscapes home. Certainly, here in beautiful northern Arizona, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument stands as a 3,000’ monument to the value of preserving the “multi-use” characteristics of a natural, expansive landscape.

As Secretary of the Interior, Bruce Babbitt set new directions and standards for our BLM Public Lands.  With President Clinton and the Antiquities Act of 1906, he created landscape monuments through out the western United States. His vision of what our public lands can become inspired me, and many more, to be loud and clear voices in support of our BLM public land policies and management practices.  The BLM, with Secretary Babbitt’s encouragement, created the National Landscape Conservation System to focus on our treasured places. These BLM’s designated lands, now recognized as our National Conservation Lands, will live on for current and future generations to enjoy, wildlife to flourish, and cultural resources to be protected, researched, and exhibited.

Mr. Babbitt did not stop at doing an outstanding job as Secretary of the Interior. He put personal action behind his conviction that land preservation is essential for our country and the world. Among his many endeavors, along with his many friends and supporters, he founded the Conservation Lands Foundation. This is a truly inspiring group of people whose dedicated mission is to ‘protect, restore and expand the National Conservation Lands’. Reach out to them at, learn what’s happening, get involved, give them a financial hug – add your name to their membership roster.

Thank you Bruce Babbitt for your visionary approach to Public Lands, your continued efforts on behalf of these lands as well as so much more that you do to inspire us to action.

Welcome to Friends Best Friends Forever Hall of Fame, Bruce Babbitt.

About the Friends Best Friends Forever Hall of Fame


Friends of The Cliffs developed our Friends Best Friends Forever Hall of Fame to recognize folks who do something good for our Conservation Lands. Not all of us will have the opportunity to be Secretary of the Interior and create world class Monuments; however, we all can do something good. If you are this someone who has done something good or if you know this someone, write and tell us, so we can tell others and keep the positive momentum growing, e-mail me at If you are not this kind of someone, consider becoming starting on the path to becoming a Friends – Best Friend Forever – go out and do something good!

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  1. How right you are that through his untiring efforts and long-sighted vision, we owe much to Bruce Babbitt and his efforts to preserve what is so beautiful and special and dear to us all. We too have long admired Mr. Babbitt and thank him for his commitment to Nature and the preservation and conservation of our inspiring landscapes.

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