Promoting our public lands as a natural landscape, protecting our lands from development and misuse, advocating for adequate funds to maintain and expand our lands are the framework for Friends of The Cliffs. I got inspired, I picked up a shovel, a telephone, my computer and went to work. We have much to do for these treasured places. Fortunately, Friends of The Cliffs has lots of helping hands, loud and clear voices and a positive momentum. The Friends you will meet on this page each month were inspired to do something good for our treasured places.

Friends of The Cliffs developed our Friends Best Friends Forever Hall of Fame to recognize folks who do something good for our Conservation Lands. Not all of us will have the opportunity to be Secretary of the Interior and create world class Monuments; however, we all can do something good. If you are this someone who has done something good or if you know this someone, write and tell us, so we can tell others and keep the positive momentum growing. Email me at . If you are not this someone consider becoming a Friends – Best Friend Forever – go out and do something good!

Here’s a listing of all the great Best Friends of the Friends that we’ve showcased so far…

Bruce Babbitt2_0 Friends Best Friend Forever: Bruce Babbitt - Introducing the Friends Best Friends Forever, a hall of fame for those who do all they can for conservation lands.

Thank you Bruce Babbitt for your visionary approach to Public Lands, your continued efforts on behalf of these lands as well as so much more that you do to inspire us to action.