Silence is golden but finding your voice is priceless.

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public lands dayFriends of The Cliffs is finding its voice. We are speaking out . We have a message that many will enjoy hearing so we are speaking to those who of you value your public lands, we are speaking to our state legislators about the value of our Monument and we are speaking to our Federal representatives asking them to support our Monument and all of the Conservation Lands. Friends of The Cliffs also wants to listen. We are comfortable listening to the quiet of Vermilion Cliffs solitude but now we really want to hear you make noise. Tell us what you think of your public lands and Vermilion Cliffs in particular, send us photos of places that touch your heart, suggest ideas for the monument, tell us when you write to your legislators and what you feel when you spend time in your Monument or time advocating for your Monument.  Your message is special. It is special because it can come form no one but you; so let us know what you think and feel; more importantly let others know what you think and feel. We are behind you and we will help you be heard in Phoenix and in Washington, ask us how.

Join the fun! Support your public lands.

Email, leave a comment below, or call us at 928-355-2244

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