Friends of The Cliffs

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Recently a new Friends of The Cliffs organization was formed. The Friends group purpose is to support our local treasured places: Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, the nearby Echo Cliffs and House Rock Valley.

Friends of The Cliffs needs to raise funds and I am asking for your support. If the mission, visions and values of the Friends of The Cliffs resonate with you please take a minute to join us in getting this group out of the starting box, so our ‘shovel ready’ on the ground projects can begin.

If you have questions or wish further explanation please call me at 928 640-0025. I am always happy to chat about Friends of The Cliffs.

Also, please feel free to pass this invitation to folks that you know who might be interested in becoming a Founding Member and a Friend of The Cliffs. If this is not the right time for you to become a Member; you are welcome when your time is right!

Thank you for considering this invitation to become a Founding Member of Friends of The Cliffs.

Warmest regards,

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