….and the earth moved.

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……and the earth moved.

Highway 89, a beautiful section of highway cut through the red sandstone of Echo Cliffs, Navajo Nation fell off the cliff face. Photos have been splashed throughout the various news media for the past week. But the photos do not tell the whole story. While the photos, dramatic in their own right don’t show the changes to the many residents and visitors lives. Their plans have been altered.


They will remain altered until the geologists, engineers and planners work their magic and put a road back from the base of the Echo Cliffs to the top of Echo Cliffs, no small feat. What once was an beautiful, enjoyable, scenic and not so long of a drive from Vermilion Cliffs to Page is now close to three hours of driving. The beauty of the land being crossed has not changed but the enjoyable not so long part of yesterdays trip has vanished.

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument , the Marble Canyon community and Bodaway/Gap Chapter of the Navajo Nation remain accessible both from the north and from the south via Highway 89A.  Mother Nature may have changed the road but her beauty as demonstrated in the Echo Cliffs and Vermilion Cliffs remains supreme.

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  1. When I think about how long that road has been on the side of the cliffs, and the amount of traffic that has traveled over it, I guess I’m amazed it hasn’t happened before now. It is both a blessing and a curse that N. 89 has been and is the main connection to points north from Arizona. The last part is the curse. You are so right about the amazing beauty that unfolds with each mile of the highway, that is the blessing.

    • You are so right, it is amazing the road has lasted this long. It was originally built to use as a haul road for construction of the Glen Canyon Dam. Reconstruction of the road will be interesting to follow…

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